Grading the Student Assessments

This screen is used to enter the teacher's grade for the assessment made by the student during the submission and assessment phase of the assignment. A relatively simple grading is used, the score out of 20. The teacher can decide what is being graded and the relative scores from the instructions given to the students before the assignment started. For example, at a higher level the students may be required to give critical comments, at an intermediate level the students may be required to point out strengths and weaknesses, and at a lower level the students may be simply pointing out errors and inaccuracies.

If available the Teacher's own assessment is shown before that of the student so an easy comparison can be made. The teacher's own comments can act as a kind of benchmark.

The grade for the assessment is saved by clicking on the appropriate button at the foot of the page. There is a chance to repeat the grading within the "editing" period. Once that time has elapsed the teacher's comment is made available to the student. The "grading grade", however, is not revealed to the student until the final grades are made available. (The reason for this is the likely confusion between the grade for the piece of work and the grade for the ASSESSMENT of that work, at an early stage of an assignment the distinction will not be clear to students.)

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